Open Government is …

So what is «Open Government»?

United States

Open Government is not “one more thing to do.”  Open Government is a change in HOW government does what it’s supposed to do.  Publishing information for the public, engaging citizens in our work, and collaborating across government and with the world outside government are going to be essential to maximizing the success of health reform implementation and each of the Secretary’s other key initiatives and priorities.

The principles of Open Government have been embedded in our operations for 50 plus years. We recognize that open government is a process rather than a product, and have taken a continuous-learning approach.

Attorney General Rob McKenna believes access to open government is vitally important in a free society. That’s why he’s made government accountability, open records and access one of the top priorities in his administration.

Open Government is Analytic Government

Open government is animated by three central goals: using sunlight as a disinfectant, obtaining access to dispersed information, and providing people with information that they can readily find and use. Regulatory analysis, including analysis of anticipated effects on small business, is part and parcel of open government.

Cass R. Sunstein, Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,

An open government is one that is transparent, participatory, and collaborative. Sharing data and information (being transparent), hearing and implementing ideas (inviting participation), and engaging in ongoing conversation with employees and the public (collaborating) not only increase our own accountability but also build trust with the American people.

US Office of Personnel  management FAQ,

From seeking input on our strategic plan, regulations, and policies; to sharing program evaluations and agency performance data; to providing grants and training to organizations across the country, open government is a guiding principle of our work. Under the Administration’s Open Government Initiative, we are committed to becoming more open.

US National Community Service Open Government Plan,

One of the key components of open government is making data open and available to the public. Allowing the public to access and view raw data and published datasets increases transparency and allows for greater citizen collaboration and participation opportunities.

United States Department of Agriculture Open Government Plan,

United Kingdom

If the public at large increasingly see the benefits of greater openness, let me now turn to reflect on some of the deeper constitutional, legal, political and administrative considerations which point to the conclusion that open government is indeed good government. There may be a presumption of disclosure, but freedom of information is largely about the possible application of specific exemptions and the weighing of competing public interests. It is inevitable that the boundary lines are still being drawn.

Open Government is Good Government by Richard Thomas,

It is generally accepted that open government is best. The law requires that certain types of information must be available to members, auditors, government departments, service users and the public. The Council itself may decide to be open about other types of information. Employees will be advised which information is and is not open and act accordingly.

Folkestone Town Council Code of Conduct for Officers,

Delivering open government is a big challenge, but our intention is that this administration will meet and exceed the requirements of the Freedom of Information legislation. Our goals are ambitious and challenging but our commitment is genuine.»We are determined that the National Assembly for Wales will be ahead of the game.

Minister for Open Government Carwyn Jones, 16 jule 2002,


Open government is essential to administrative transparency and accountability, integrity in public life, civil participation, and, of course, democracy. But how is this ideal of open government made tangible and put into practice on a daily basis? Do we have open government in Australia or are they just words? Is it reality or rhetoric?

Karen Curtis Privacy Commissioner «Open Government: Reality or Rhetoric»,


From the public’s point of view, an open government is one where businesses, civil society organisations (CSOs) and citizens can “know things” – obtain relevant and understandable information; “get things” – obtain services from and undertake transactions with the government; and “create things” – take part in decision-making processes. The principles of good governance – transparency and accountability; fairness and equity; efficiency and effectiveness; respect for the rule of law; and high standards of ethical behaviour – represent the basis upon which to build open government.

Public Sector Modernisation: Open Government, OECD Observer 2005,

World Bank

Although the impetus for openness comes from civil society, open government is, at its core, an enterprise of government transformation. Eventually, citizens will be able to participate actively in the governance ecosystem, if governments create the right enabling environment for transparency through appropriate policies and disclosure rules for making information available, and if it creates the kinds of processes that enable citizens to participate in policy making.

Enabling Open Government,

And finally read this

Russian Federation

Principles and goals ofOpen Government Partnership coincide with the main strategic guidelines announced by President Medvedev in his Address to the Federal Assembly, namely:
—  providing legitimate opportunities for active citizens to participate in political life of the country; involving them in public administration processes
— fighting corruption
— full-scale transition to noncontact workflow technology when implementing government functions and providing public services
— establishment of Open -Big Government in Russia, uniting for the solution of strategic and operational problems all levels and branches of government, public figures, experts, all those willing to participate in the processes of public administration, in development and review of the most important decisions and programs

Open Government Presentation on


Do I need to explain that Russian Open Government is NOT Open Government in any international meaning?

Do we need to trust any offical who calls «legitimate opportunities» as openness?

Is «noncocontact workflow technology» Open Government ?

Should we talk about openness of Government or it’s right time to think about that we have two kinds of Open Government.

Normal Open Government with transparency, accountability, FOIA, raw and open data.

And «Russian Open Government» which is not open at all.



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