Russian open data, e-Government, e-Participation activist.

I am founder of OpenGovData.ru project and lot’s of other russian e-Government and open data initiatives.

I am member of Open Knowledge Foundation working group related to open data.

Earlier I was programmer, system architect and project manager as employee of few russian system integration companies for lot’s of corporate and government projects.

I have more than 6 years experience in russian procurement automation and e-Government projects.

I am organizer and member of jury of Apps4Russia competition.

Right now I run lot’s of russin e-Gov projects

— Goslyudi — http://www.goslyudi.ru (Government People). This project is catalog and aggregator of blogs of russian MPs and officials.

— Govweb — http://www.govweb.ru (Government Web). It’s online database of all russian government websites, including ratings of quality and transparency and other technological and public interests lists.

— Oficialno — http://federal.polit.ru (Official news aggregator). This project aggregates ALL russian official news that coming from government websites

— Rosspending — http://www.rosspending.ru. Russian government contracts monitoring project. It huge online database with more then 1 million government contracts sorted by government agency, supplier and so on. This project was created by me for russian think tank — Insitute of Contemporary Development, http://www.insor-russia.ru/en/

— OpenGovData — http://www.opengovdata.ru. It’s russian open government data catalog. More than 300 public data sources listed and lots of data extracted, converted and published as web services/public API.